LAS VEGAS – Leo Thomason, ARI employee and director of Technical Training and Consulting for the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute (AFVi), recently helped to educate ARI’s environmental consulting team on best practices for fleets that wish to be more “green.”

The training course entitled, “How to Choose Alternative Fuels and Vehicles Right for Your Fleet,” took place at ARI’s corporate headquarters in Mount Laurel, N.J., on Sept. 11 and 12. In attendance were the members of ARI’s global strategic consulting team, as well as specialists from ARI’s Maintenance, Truck Management, and Marketing Research departments.

Topics covered included: “Why Choose Alternative Fuel Vehicles for Your Fleet”; “Understanding Your Fleet Inventory, Applications, and Operating Characteristics”; “Projecting Future Vehicle Needs”; “Evaluating Fleet Fueling; Alternative-Fuel and Vehicle Options”; “Federal Incentives Available Today”; “Choosing Alternative-Fueled Vehicles That Are Right for the Fleet”; “Creating an Implementation Plan; and “Evaluation Results.”

Established in 2001, ARI’s “Clean Air” consulting team stays abreast of environmental trends that pertain to the fleet industry to enable them to pass this education on to their clients.