CINCINNATI- As part of a partnership to promote the increased availability and use of alternative fuels and technologies throughout the United States, Enterprise Rent-A-Car today designated one of its Cincinnati rental locations as an official “VE85/FlexFuel branch,” according to Business Wire.

Enterprise joined with Kroger Co., General Motors (GM), and VeraSun Energy, one of the largest producers of ethanol in the U.S., to make the announcement at Kroger’s 5830 Harrison Ave. location, where Kroger offers VeraSun’s branded E-85 blend, VE85, to Cincinnati drivers.

For Enterprise, the move is the latest addition to a long-term environmental stewardship platform, and follows the June 28 launch of Enterprise’s first VE85/FlexFuel branch in Washington, D.C., and D.C.’s first VE85 fueling station. Enterprise has the world’s largest fleet of FlexFuel vehicles – 41,000 cars and trucks that have the ability to burn E-85, a blend of 85-percent ethanol and 15-percent gasoline. Nationally, Enterprise is actively deploying as many FlexFuel vehicles as possible near E-85 fueling stations to build consumer awareness and increase the number of cars being fueled with E-85, which, according to the EPA, can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 20 percent.

“A quarter of the fleet at that branch will be GM Flex-Fuel vehicles, and we are committed to keep them fueled with VeraSun’s branded E-85, VE85 from Kroger’s fuel pumps," said Bobby Willard, Enterprise Rent-A-Car vice president and general manager of the company’s Central Southwest Ohio Group.

The Enterprise VE85/FlexFuel branch – located at 6610 Glenway Ave.– will have about 25 GM Flex-Fuel vehicles available for rental. To educate customers, Enterprise will provide in-car materials showing the locations of Kroger’s Ohio VE85 fueling stations, and offering information on the environmental benefits of the fuel.

Enterprise will also designate car rental locations in Columbus and Dayton as VE85/FlexFuel branches committed to fuel their FlexFuel vehicles at Kroger’s stations. Statewide, Enterprise expects to use more than 40,000 gallons of VE85 per year.