ROCHESTER, WI -- Summer travelers should prepare for high prices at the gas pumps this summer, according to Runzheimer International, a Wisconsin-based management consulting firm. At $3.19 per gallon on average for the month across the nation, prices are up 19 cents from last month and 31 cents from a year ago.

According to the latest analysis comparing monthly averages of retail gasoline prices in selected cities across the United States, drivers in Chicago are paying the most for fuel at more than $3.65 per gallon, up 42 cents from May’s figures. West Coast motorists are not far behind with prices over $3.60 per gallon in San Francisco, nearly $3.39 per gallon in Los Angeles, more than $3.37 in San Diego, and over $3.36 per gallon in Seattle. Compared to last month’s figures, most cities showed an increase except for a few of the higher-priced cities on the West Coast which showed moderate decreases.

“The trends in fuel prices this summer so far look a lot like last summer,” states Lee Czarapata, Director of Client Relations. “Prices spiked in the spring amid concerns that the refineries will not be able to keep up with the summer demand increase. As in years past, we expect prices to fluctuate moderately with increases and decreases in holiday travel, followed by an overall decline in the fall.” Click here to view chart.