GRAND BLANC, MICH. —ACDelco announces enhanced offerings providing qualified fleet customers access to a multitude of specialized benefits with sales and service support. These offerings help commercial, government., rental, police, taxi and other fleet customers maintain their vehicles.

These same enhanced offerings created opportunities for ACDelco Warehouse Distributor (WD) customers to build their businesses and relationships with fleet customers.

“ACDelco has made significant enhancements to our ACDelco fleet programs. Some of these changes are aimed at helping our Warehouse Distributors (WDs)compete more aggressively to sell price-sensitive product lines which can help them earn more of the fleet business,” said Steve Dean, manager of fleet and commercial parts sales, ACDelco. "Earning a bigger share of the fleet business is what the ACDelco fleet program enhancements are all about.” ACDelco Key Fleet Program

In order to qualify as a participant in ACDelco’s Key Fleet program, shops must maintain and operate 15 or more vehicles or pieces of motorized equipment, service their fleet vehicles and equipment in-house, and purchase an average of $1,500 or more per month in ACDelco products, on an annual basis.

ACDelco Key Fleet program participants receive technical service training at no additional charge, access to a technical assistance hotline, access to the ACDelco TechConnect Web site and newsletter, complimentary Babcox magazine subscriptions and discounts on SPX equipment, Vetronix diagnostic equipment, and GM service manuals and training materials. Participants also may qualify for GM’s New Vehicle Supplier Discount (excludes government fleets).

ACDelco Fleet Parts Purchase Program (FPPP)

The ACDelco Fleet Parts Purchase Program (FPPP) offers qualified fleets standardized pricing and consolidated billing, plus the opportunity to take advantage of the proximity of a local distributor to deliver parts in a timely fashion.

Geared toward larger fleets, the FPPP leverages existing WD accounts by using each as a local delivery point, putting ACDelco closer to the fleet customer. Instead of shipping from just a few Parts Distribution Centers (PDCs) scattered around the country, ACDelco can utilize its WD hub-and-spoke model to service fleets from several hundred distributors located in the United States.

Using ACDelco’s WISE (Web Integrated Service Environment) Internet Parts – or WIP – e-Business program helps streamline the FPPP sales transaction process among the distributor, the fleet and, ACDelco.

WIP allows a fleet customer to electronically place an order with a local WD. The fleet account receives one consolidated bill from ACDelco for its nationwide purchases and has access to monthly parts purchase reports.

To qualify for ACDelco’s FPPP, fleets must service their vehicles or equipment within their own facilities and purchase a minimum of $250,000 annually in parts, among meeting other criteria.