HOUSTON – FuelQuest, Inc., an on-demand software and services company for the downstream energy industry, has announced that Guttman Oil Company and Source One Transportation will utilize its Fuel Management System (FMS) to manage fuel processes for its bulk distribution of petroleum products. Along with the implementation of FMS, Guttman is also installing FuelQuest's new Transportation Optimization Module, which offers truck scheduling and route optimization capabilities that will assist Guttman in managing fleet operations. "We needed a software solution that allowed us to leverage our capabilities in inventory management and risk management programs and take advantage of our expansive network of supply options" said Richard Guttman, president of Guttman Oil and Source One. "Providing more options for our customers increases the complexity of our delivery systems. FuelQuest's FMS with expanded transportation optimization capabilities will help us to manage those complexities to decrease costs and to deliver better service to our customers." With FMS and the new Transportation Optimization Module in place, Guttman Oil hopes to optimize inventory levels and assets, optimize fleet scheduling capabilities, and increase fuel management transparency.