CINCINNATI – Mike Albert Leasing’s notification system helps to keep fleet administrators informed by providing up-to-the-minute electronic notifications and e-mails on order status. The system-generated messages are released automatically every time a vehicle manufacturer makes order status updates, such as changing a vehicle’s estimated arrival date. Fleet administrators choose how they receive the information. They opt to receive e-mails, messages posted on their Mike Albert Leasing Customer Access homepage, or both. The system takes the question out of when fleet vehicles will arrive and saves fleet administrators from making phone calls to find out. In addition to the ability to specify how they receive it, fleet administrators can also specify who gets the information. Automatic order status notifications are sent straight to fleet drivers. Drivers know to check their e-mail or Driver Access homepages rather than making calls to their fleet administrators. Notifications can be sent to anyone that deals with a company’s fleet, as long as they have e-mail addresses. For example, fleet administrators can have the notifications automatically sent to their insurance agents. By the time drivers receive their vehicles, their insurance agents have had time to update their policies and generate new insurance cards.