ATLANTA – Manheim’s Transport Solution was chosen by Professional Automotive Relocation Service, Inc., (PARS) to provide customized solutions, including transportation, storage, security, and detailing at more than 65 locations throughout the United States. Manheim Transport Solution will transport PARS fleet vehicles to one of its many highly secured storage locations across the country. When the vehicle is ready to be released from storage, Manheim Transport Solution will provide a basic condition report, which will recommend the level of reconditioning needed for the vehicle. Manheim Transport Solution coordinates with Manheim and non-Manheim operating facilities nationwide to provide full-service detail work, giving PARS customers the same quality of service, price, and convenience from coast to coast. PARS provides automotive relocation services for commercial fleets, fleet management companies, and individuals throughout the United States and Canada. PARS’ automated Web site allows customers to obtain real-time price quotes, place orders, and track the status of orders online 24/7. In addition to storage and vehicle reconditioning, PARS provides its customers with DMV and DOT service.