FREMONT, CA - @Road, Inc., a provider of next-generation solutions for Mobile Resource Management (MRM), has entered into an agreement with Alltel Wireless. Under the terms of the agreement, @Road can resell Alltel wireless data services bundled with @Road's MRM solutions, while Alltel's sales force can refer its customers to @Road for MRM solutions as part of the Alltel Axcess Fleet Management program. The agreement also provides wireless network access to @Road subscribers who roam into areas covered by Alltel's nationwide roaming agreements with other wireless carriers. Headquartered in Little Rock, Ark., the Alltel wireless footprint covers more than one-half of the total landmass of the continental United States and serves more than 11 million customers. "We believe that the agreement with Alltel allows us to strengthen the penetration of our MRM services into less populated regions that tend to have higher concentrations of transportation and distribution companies,” said Leo Jolicoeur, @Road chief marketing officer. "Also, the agreement contains an arrangement whereby Alltel's sales force can refer Alltel business customers to @Road for MRM solutions. @Road's family of end-to-end MRM solutions includes solutions for field force management designed to enable businesses to drive down fuel and other operating costs while increasing mobile worker productivity. This is accomplished through greater location intelligence and visibility into the daily activities of their mobile workers and their work – from actual vehicle routes, starts and stops, to customizable maps showing mobile worker location relative to important landmarks including customer locations or transportation hubs. @Road field force management solutions also allow businesses to upload customer and/or trip information into a routing engine to generate on-demand, actionable reports such as optimized routes and drive-time, fuel economy, and city ordinance compliance.