GARDEN GROVE, CA – Teletrac, Inc. has made available the FleetDirector Turn-By-Turn (TBT) vehicle routing and navigation system. The TBT software module provides speed-calibrated, real-time, turn-by-turn, verbal directions to guide drivers to their selected destinations. As an integrated component of FleetDirector’s proprietary eClient fleet management software suite, TBT allows dispatchers to select vehicles, assign destinations, and download route driving directions. Operationally, TBT allows the dispatcher to automate several actions related to vehicle selection and assignment, destination and route selection, and verification of onboard capture of the navigation download. With FleetDirector, the dispatcher already has real-time information on the location and availability status of each vehicle. The process begins with the dispatcher identifying the closest available, properly equipped vehicle to handle the assignment. He/she then clicks on the chosen vehicle and assigns the destination. This may be done by simply clicking on a pre-established landmark location or entering a street address. The street address may then be saved as a new landmark or utilized for a one-time route assignment. The information is then instantly uploaded into the TBT system, which automatically downloads the route information to the vehicle. A green LED on the in-cab control button is then illuminated and the speaker notifies the driver that the system is ready to begin providing verbal driving directions. The dispatcher is notified the route information has been received by the vehicle. Once underway, the driver can use the control button to replay the last voice prompt if necessary. If the driver goes off route by turning the wrong direction or missing a turn, the button signals the driver with a red LED and automatically begins providing revised directions to get the driver back on the correct route. The control button is also used to adjust speaker volume. Upon arriving at the destination, route guidance is automatically cancelled. This action also notifies the dispatcher, via a popup on his screen, that the vehicle has arrived at the destination.