MIAMI – The All-New 2007 CL-Class is making its U.S. debut at the South Florida International Auto Show, open to the public Oct. 6-15 at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami Beach. The next-generation 2007 CL-Class coupe debuts at the end of 2006 with a CL550 model, powered by an all-new 5.5L, V-8 engine delivering 382 horsepower and 391 lb.-ft. of torque, part of a new V-8 engine family featuring four-valve-per-cylinder technology and variable valve timing. The new CL550 also comes with the Mercedes-Benz seven-speed automatic transmission and Direct Select electronic shift control. Soon after launch, the CL550 is joined by a V-12-powered model — the CL600, which is powered by a twin-turbo, V-12 engine that generates 510 horsepower and 612 lbs.-ft. of torque. With its high-tech engine, Direct Select five-speed transmission, and aerodynamics, the new CL600 can reach 60 miles per hour in less than 4.5 seconds. To handle the torque of the V-12 engine, the transmission planetary gear sets have been beefed up accordingly.