SPRAKS, MD – PHH Arval has developed a savings calculator that allows managers to see how much their fleets can save using PHH Onboard, PHH’s new telematics-powered service. The tool can be accessed at www.phharval.com/savings. The calculations can be customized to a particular fleet in minutes. PHH Onboard integrates telematics data with comprehensive fleet information and consultation. It gives fleet managers the opportunity to reduce operating costs and eliminate driving activities that cause accidents and increase risk. According to PHH, the telematics-powered service has the potential to reduce fuel costs by up to 10 percent, idling time by up to 25 percent, and unauthorized use by up to 100 percent. The PHH Onboard Savings Calculator enables users to see potential savings in fuel costs and corporate risk, as well as opportunities for productivity increases. They can view potential savings in dollars/unit/month, fleet total monthly, and fleet total annually. Users can also change the graph view or edit the inputs.