LOS ANGELES – TrafficSchool.com (www.TrafficSchool.com), a provider of online traffic safety classes for individuals, announced the launch of an agreement with the California Delivery Association (www.cdawebsite.org) to provide member companies with discounted rates on their online fleet safety course. The agreement provides CDA Member Companies with an economical driver training solution, while contributing to the advancement of the association. TrafficSchool.com will give back to the CDA a percentage of all revenue from member companies, to assist with the continuous development of the association. TrafficSchool.com’s online fleet safety course is used by companies to effectively train their drivers, while lowering risk and ultimately lowering operating costs. The California Delivery Association (www.cdawebsite.org) is a non-profit industry association of businesses engaged in the time-sensitive transportation of goods and documents. Their mission is to promote, encourage, and broaden, and advance the common interests of those engaged in the messenger courier industry in California.