DETROIT – OnStar grew to nearly four million customers in 2005, capping a watershed year in the company’s 10-year history, according to Telematics Update. According to an OnStar survey, more than 75 percent of OnStar subscribers say they prefer to have OnStar in their next vehicle, and almost 90 percent say they would recommend the service to others. In an average month, OnStar advisors respond to more than 340,000 routing calls, 44,000 remote door unlocks, 25,000 roadside assistance calls, 32,000 remote vehicle diagnostic checks, 500 stolen vehicle location assistance requests, 900 airbag deployment notifications, 15,000 emergency service requests, and 5,500 Good Samaritan calls for assistance. To date, OnStar has had more than 53 million subscriber interactions, including more than 12 million routing requests, 1.25 million door unlock requests, 750,000 roadside assistance requests, and 25,000 airbag deployment notifications.