NEWARK, N.J. --- Amerada Hess Corp. has voluntarily settled a lawsuit, filed in September by the New Jersey Attorney General's Office, that alleged the company violated state consumer laws when it dramatically raised gas prices after Hurricane Katrina. A provision of the Motor Fuels Act prohibits gasoline retailers from charging more than once during a 24-hour period. The New York-based oil company agreed to pay $372,391, but the settlement included no admission of any violation. Amerada Hess is the only one of the three oil companies named in the state's lawsuits that has reached a settlement thus far. Also named were Motiva Shell and Sunoco. "Gasoline is essential to our lives and it must be priced consistent with the law," said Attorney General Peter C. Harvey. "Amerada Hess showed good corporate citizenship by reaching this settlement with our office. We expect other oil companies to follow Hess' lead."