AUBURN HILLS, MI – The Midway commercial interiors available on the Dodge Grand Caravan cargo van (CV) are part of a family of Midway interiors that deliver safety, maximum use of the cargo area, and ease of installation. By integrating DaimlerChrysler’s floor storage system into each package design, Midway offers features such as:

  • The Midway bulkhead screen barrier behind the front seats specifically designed for driver safety and maximum adjustment of the driver seat.
  • Additional hooks mounted on the bulkhead screen barrier for straps to secure cargo safely.
  • The Midway barrier and shelving systems attach to the DaimlerChrysler mounting hooks in the floor for ease of installation.
  • A custom designed door that fits over the front floor storage areas to secure cargo and al-low additional items to be transported between the barrier and shelving unit safely.
  • Each Midway shelving system designed to enable access to all of the under-floor storage areas to make use of every available cubic inch of storage in the van.
  • The shelving systems offer easy access to merchandise to increase worker productivity and decrease workers’ compensation claims.
  • The Midway shelving system covers the rear floor storage areas to allow fragile items to be transported safely and to offer additional protection from theft losses.