MT. LAUREL, NJComputerworld has selected Automotive Resources International (ARI), a global fleet solutions provider specializing in complex car and truck fleets, for 11th place on its “Top 100 Best Places to Work for IT Professionals.” For the 12th consecutive year, Computerworld accepted nominations to identify the 100 Best Places to Work for IT Professionals. Computerworld used a third-party research firm to perform and review the evaluation, which was based on employee feedback and other factors. To qualify, a company needed 25 percent of the IS/IT people to respond to the survey, and ARI received a 50 percent response from its IT professionals. According to Computerworld, “An internal Partners in Excellence program at ARI seeks to give workers at all levels of the company the tools to best serve customers, either external clients or internal employees. The IT department has never had a layoff, and there was no IT employee turnover in 2004.” Other factors taken into consideration were that participating companies, both private and public, had to generate a $250 million revenue or greater in 2004 and had to employ a minimum of 500 employees in the United States, and have at least 100 IT employees in the United States. Other criteria taken into consideration included employment statistics, financial data, as well as information about benefits policies and programs for the IT department and the company as a whole.