ALPHARETTA, GA — Dupre’ Transport, LLC, released the results of the pilot project undertaken with FleetRisk Advisors. The project consisted of consolidating historical data from Dupre’s internal systems into FleetRisk’s Transportation Risk Analytics Center and then running a series of analytical processes with regard to risk and profitability. Based on the analysis, the project team was able to determine unique risk signatures, which will assist Dupre’s senior management team in developing action plans to continue improving safety and, at the same time, increase profitability. As a result of these findings, Dupre’ Transport has elected to extend its relationship with FleetRisk Advisors and has entered into a seven-year strategic agreement for ongoing analysis of its operations. The overall project consisted of three unique analytical processes: aggregation analytics, risk signa-ture analysis, and predictive modeling and pattern recognition. Dupre plans to implement several predictive models with FleetRisk Advisors: a driver scoring model, a new applicant scoring model, a dispatch risk-score model, and a customer profitability model, which takes safety into account.