MINNEAPOLIS – XATA Corp., a provider of onboard fleet management systems for private fleet transportation, has released XATANET 3.0. Capturing applications originally developed for a broad Fortune 500 customer base, XATANET 3.0 enables fleets of all sizes to improve fuel economy, automate compliance reporting, increase driver productivity, and enhance customer service. In addition to offering many of the core applications from the OpCenter product line, version 3.0 includes new features that increase driver productivity and customer service. One example is Smart Route, a tool for communicating and monitoring trip plans from the initial dispatch to the ultimate delivery, all without paper. Smart Route functionality, coupled with a multi-mode communication platform (satellite + digital cellular) released in November 2004, allows fleets to integrate with routing and dispatch applications. Designed to be paperless, drivers use wireless communications to pick up electronic trip plans from the XATANET Web site. After delivery, trip information is displayed on the Web site for plan versus actual analysis.