OTTAWA – Netistix Technologies has released FleetPulse 2.0, a next-generation telematics product. The release coincides with Netistix' presentation to the 14th Annual Canadian Utility Fleet Forum in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Fleet vehicle managers using the product now receive automatic e-mail notification of alarms and exception report occurrences within their fleets. FleetPulse 2.0 also monitors fleet vehicle batteries and charging systems and relays information to the fleet manager's computer before the vehicles leave the yard. In addition, Fleetpulse 2.0 enables customers to export data to spreadsheet software for additional data analysis and easy integration to third-party applications. Enhanced reporting and administration capabilities reduce the time needed to extract vital fleet information FleetPulse 2.0 software can receive automatic wireless upgrades of in-vehicle firmware without ongoing access or airtime charges, reducing the support and maintenance effort for fleet-wide upgrades.