WOLFSBURG, GERMANY – German automaker Volkswagen may introduce a hybrid Jetta sedan in the United States in two years, according to www.Edmunds.com/. A Volkswagen spokesman told Automotive News it is considering a "mild hybrid" version of the Jetta. A mild hybrid uses an electric motor to assist a gas-powered engine, but the motor alone does not drive the vehicle. The move toward developing hybrids for the masses started with the Honda Civic and Accord sedans. Toyota says it will make a hybrid version of its Camry, and Nissan is developing a hybrid version of the Altima sedan. A Ford Fusion hybrid and Mercury Milan hybrid are targeted for 2008 introductions. Volkswagen did not forecast volume for its Jetta hybrid and did not indicate whether the hybrid would be a North American product only or go on sale in Europe, where hybrid vehicles have been slow to catch on.