HACKENSACK, NJ — I.D. Systems, Inc., a provider of wireless RFID-based asset tracking and management solutions, announced on May 11 that it has been awarded a U.S. patent for a fully automated wireless vehicle rental and return system. The system is designed to enhance the car rental experience for consumers and increase security, reduce operational costs, and increase revenues for car rental companies. The patented system starts with an automated in-vehicle check-out process. Sensors automatically track and wirelessly transmit vehicle mileage and fuel level, as well as location and status on the rental lot. A unique radio frequency communication architecture prevents interference during multiple sensor transmissions. System software further automates various rental processes, such as vehicle readiness updates and vehicle return status. A customer-friendly in-vehicle payment method is also included in the patent. I.D. Systems expects the patent to help it further penetrate the market for wireless rental fleet management technology.