AUBURN HILLS, MI — Despite tough weather in many regions of the country, Chrysler Group reported on February 1 that it sold 148,111 units in January, an increase of 9 percent (1 percent increase unadjusted) over January 2004 sales of 147,001 units. January marks the tenth consecutive month of year-over-year sales gains for the Chrysler Group. Sales are adjusted for selling days unless otherwise indicated.

Chrysler Group minivans continued their segment leadership by posting sales of 25,151 units, improving 9 percent over January 2004 sales of 24,904 units. Sales of the Chrysler Town & Country set a new January sales record and increased 67 percent to 11,354 units over January 2004 sales of 7,372 units. Dodge Caravan sales declined 15 percent to 13,797 units.

Sales within the Chrysler brand were led by the Chrysler 300, which posted sales of 10,112 units and marks the vehicle's ninth consecutive month of sales exceeding 10,000 units. The Chrysler brand posted sales of 41,805 units, an increase of 33 percent and set a new sales record for January.

Dodge brand sales increased 7 percent to 78,841 units compared to sales of 79,789 units last year. Dodge Durango posted sales of 8,993 units, improving 10 percent compared to January 2004 sales when 8,888 units were sold. Dodge Dakota sales increased 14 percent to 6,089 units as the all-new Dodge Dakota continues arriving at dealerships.

Sales of the Jeep brand declined 11 percent as dealers continue to deplete the last remaining inventory of the previous Jeep Grand Cherokee and the next-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee continues arriving in dealerships. Jeep Grand Cherokee sales declined 9 percent to 12,755 units compared to 15,184 units sold in January 2004. Sales of Jeep Wrangler declined 25 percent of 3,743 units compared to January 2004 sales of 5,391 units. Jeep Liberty sales were down 6 percent to 10,967 units versus 12,701 units sold during January 2004.