WASHINGTON, D.C. — Combined U.S. sales of the increasing number of hybrid models on the market broke through the 10,000 level in December, with 10,441 units sold between Toyota, Honda, and Ford. Total U.S. hybrid sales in 2004 reached 84,199 units, according to Green Car Congress. See Chart Toyota had its best month ever for the Prius, posting 6,287 in sales. Toyota Motor Sales, USA, reported total year-end sales of 2,060,049 vehicles, up 10 percent over 2003. While breaking its sales record for the ninth consecutive year, it was the first time in its 47-year history it has reached sales of two million vehicles. Honda's Civic Hybrid picked up sales speed again, with 2,116 units sold in December. These were joined by 1,061 units of the new Honda Accord Hybrid, with the Insight selling an additional 8. Ford sold 969 units of the Escape Hybrid during December, for a 2004 total of 2,993.