Ford Pearson, Wheels' executive vice president for the past 18 years, announced his plans to retire from the fleet management company in the near future. “We sincerely regret the loss of Ford's leadership, energy and enthusiasm, while at the same time we are pleased that he will have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of his remarkable career, first as a senior officer of Continental Bank and then at Wheels,” said Jim Frank, president of Wheels Inc. During Pearson’s tenure with Wheels Inc., he played a major role in evolving the company’s funding strategies, IT and operational capabilities, client and driver interface areas, and expanding Wheels’ presence in the European fleet market. “Ford has contributed tremendously to Wheels’ growth, including conceiving of and championing our Client Steering Council, which plays an essential part in Wheels’ development and success by serving as a forum for client opinions and feedback,” added Frank. “Ford has also played a key role in the design of many innovations and the achievement of numerous milestones. Perhaps most important among these is his work with Wheels’ people to help them achieve the remarkable level of quality and customer satisfaction we have attained.” Pearson will remain on the Wheels Board of Directors.