OnStar Personal Calling, a hands-free, voice-activated in-vehicle safety and security communications system for OnStar subscribers, is now available throughout Texas, Florida, and Oklahoma. OnStar Personal Calling is now available to approximately 150,000 current as well as all future subscribers in the Dallas/Ft. Worth and Austin/San Antonio markets in Texas; Miami, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville areas in Florida, and in Oklahoma City. Current subscribers, in 2001 or later OnStar-equipped vehicles push the blue OnStar button in their vehicles to receive a phone number for their embedded OnStar phone. All new OnStar subscribers receive 30 complimentary wireless minutes. New subscribers can activate their hands-free calling service and their OnStar system during the sales delivery process. OnStar Personal Calling is offered as an enhanced, hands-free backup to a personal hand-held cell phone, providing a communications option when:

  • A cell phone battery is low or has run out.
  • A driver needs to be reached while in a vehicle in case of an emergency.
  • A driver forgets a cell phone or it isn't safe to reach for it while operating the vehicle.
  • A driver is in an area of limited cell phone reception.

    OnStar's enhanced 3-watt embedded cellular phone and external antenna results in a connection more powerful than a standard hand-held phone. Also, OnStar Personal Calling can be used throughout the United States and Canada. OnStar Personal Calling minutes are prepaid; there are no additional long distance or roaming charges, no long-term contracts or recurring monthly fees, and no extra equipment to purchase. Subscribers can purchase additional OnStar Personal Calling minutes day or night, any day of the week, simply by contacting OnStar through the white dot button.