OnStar, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Motors, announced an enhancement to its sixth generation of hardware that includes capability to change language preferences between English, French, and Spanish at the press of the OnStar button. General Motors’ OnStar subscribers will be able to interact with OnStar's voice recognition system in Spanish, French, or English. With the push of a button, an OnStar advisor can change the voice recognition prompts, allowing the subscriber to interact with the system in their preferred language. Voice recognition has been available to OnStar subscribers in English and French, although call center advisor service has been available in all three languages. The hardware advancement will enable Spanish-speaking subscribers to use OnStar Personal Calling, OnStar's embedded hands-free, voice-activated, cellular phone in their preferred language. The OnStar language preference is selected during the sales delivery process. Language selection can be changed by the subscriber when making a call from their OnStar system to an OnStar advisor. The new hardware will be available in more than 50 new GM cars and trucks, beginning spring 2005.