Eighteen months after adopting AutoIMS.com, GE Commercial Finance-Fleet Services on July 30 credited the inventory management system with automating labor-intensive processes and streamlining communications with its wholesale auctions. GE Fleet Services initially chose Auto Auction Services Corp.’s web-based IMS to enable standardized, two-way electronic data exchanges with its wholesale auctions. “The AutoIMS.com platform creates commonality among auction chains,” explains Brent Phillips, GE Fleet Services’ Chicago-based operations and strategy manager. Previously, GE Fleet Services faxed consignments individually to its wholesale auctions. Time-consuming at best, Phillips says the paper-based process had other flaws: “Faxes run out of paper, information sometimes wasn’t legible, and data entry errors occurred,” he explains. With AutoIMS.com providing a standardized electronic interface to its wholesale auctions, GE Fleet Services now sends all consignments to AutoIMS in a single, daily electronic transmission. AutoIMS.com automatically converts and uploads the data, which then is immediately accessible to the assigned auctions.