A provider of residual value information, analytical data products, software products, and consultation to the automotive industry, Automotive Lease Guide’s (ALG) Residual Model www.fleet-central.com/fleetResiduals/ eliminates guessing on future used car/truck fleet residuals by referencing months in use, condition, and mileage. In addition, true values for commercial and daily rental car fleets are based on:
  • Historical fleet trends.
  • Vehicle days supply.
  • New-car transaction prices.
  • Macro and micro economic variables.
    The Fleet Residual Model provides:
  • Fleet residuals of all new vehicles on a bi-monthly basis.
  • Ability to select monthly terms to display any term combination between 4-48 months.
  • Ability to customize projections by selecting vehicle condition of clean, average, or rough.
  • Ability to choose annual contract mileage between 18,000 and 45,000.
  • Ability to customize options.