PHH Arval announced April 12 that it now offers a new way to manage short-term, maintenance-related vehicle rentals for its clients with the introduction of its Maintenance Rental Program. The new service is designed for fleet managers seeking greater assistance in coordinating and managing short-term vehicle rentals for drivers while their vehicles are being repaired. The program provides:
  • Technical oversight from a PHH maintenance specialist throughout the rental process, from determining rental need, booking and setting initial rental term, to monitoring the rental status to ensure its duration coincides with the completion of the maintenance repair.
  • Adherence to specific client policies regarding rentals.
  • Online access to the rental transactions through a reporting capability that links each rental to a specific maintenance event.
    According to Arnie Barnes, vice president of PHH’s Vehicle Maintenance Department, “PHH manages the rental as a complete process – and can report in detail about the results. Clients on our pilot program found it decreases their rental costs, and 96 percent of their drivers were satisfied with the process.”