Manheim announced on February 9 that its European division, Manheim Europe, offered vehicles via Manheim Simulcast for the first time on Jan. 15. Manheim Simulcast is an online service that enables consignors and dealers to sell or buy vehicles remotely as they run through the auction lanes.

Lombard consigned 149 vehicles, and nearly one-third received online bids from the 47 dealers participating in the sale via Manheim Simulcast.

“This marked our first Manheim Simulcast sale in the United Kingdom, and we were pleased with the results,” said Joe Luppino, vice president and chief technology officer of Manheim. “As with any new service, it will take time to build consignor and dealer support, but we expect to experience the same successful results in Europe as we have in North America.”

Manheim launched Manheim Simulcast last year, and by year-end thousands of North American dealers had taken advantage of the technology, purchasing more than 42,000 vehicles valued at nearly $612 million. Manheim has Simulcast capability in 300 lanes at 70 of its North American facilities and will add up to another 300 lanes in 2004.