@Road, a provider of mobile resource management (MRM) services, announced on January 20 the availability of @Road FieldServices, a suite of 18 new reports specifically designed to help field service organizations uncover operations inefficiencies and measure actual productivity against expected goals. Initially developed for telecommunications customers, @Road FieldServices is designed to provide customers with a new set of metrics to help them maximize field worker productivity prior to starting jobs, when between jobs and at the end of the day when returning to the terminal or yard. Industry analysts estimate that field service employees are the largest segment of the mobile workforce in North America. The Yankee Group 2003 Corporate Wireless Survey indicates that 26 percent of all U.S. mobile workers are in a field service function. According to Yankee Group senior analyst Eugene Signorini, “Field service organizations are seeking wireless data technologies to replace paper-based processes or voice and paging systems to improve the efficiency of their remote workers. @Road has created functionality that can allow companies to accomplish this goal.” Information available from @Road FieldServices reports include: * First departure information. Reports when workers depart their starting point, usually a yard or terminal. * Time at work center. Measures how long workers spend at each work center and how many stops were made at each destination. * End-of-day information. Reports when employees return to their starting point. * Mileage and travel time. Provides data on how long it takes for employees to get from a starting point to work centers and back to the starting point.