Art Liggio, CEI’s national director of risk and insurance services, recently presented “Managing Fleet Risk and Driver Safety Solutions” at the Tri-State conference of the National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA) held in Toledo, Ohio. At the meeting, Liggio provided an overview of how fleets can benefit from risk management programs, which result in reducing accident claim costs. Liggio explained how effective use of motor vehicle records (MVRs) and driver histories mitigate exposure to legal action for negligent entrustment and/or negligent hiring practices. He also offered several examples of cases in which companies lost millions of dollars in litigations that resulted from accidents involving company drivers with questionable driving histories and criminal backgrounds. “Proactive fleet safety management such as adopting a fleet safety policy, reviewing drivers’ records, and smartly allocating driver training resources pays big dividends in that it not only saves lives, prevents injuries, and increases organizational productivity, but it also provides a defense against any punitive awards,” said Liggio.