General Motors began taking orders for fully armored Cadillac DeVilles. Options include run-flat tires, a reinforced steel frame and bullet-resistant glass that won't shatter into the cabin of the car, according to a Dow Jones report, Dow Jones said the beefed-up DeVille, which will be offered as a standard sedan and as a stretched limousine, will target high-profile customers such as executives and celebrities. The options add at least $40,000 to the price of the base DeVille, which starts at about $50,000, but could be substantially more than that, depending on the particular package selected, GM's Al Gagne, head of the armoring project, told Dow Jones. The armored DeVilles, which will be outfitted by Chicago-based Scaletta Moloney Armoring, will be offered at 22 US dealerships and the options put the vehicles' weight at about 6,000 pounds, compared with 4,000 for a standard model. According to Dow Jones, no sales targets have been set, though the company aims to sell hundreds – and assessed demand for such a vehicle well before the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. If popular, similar armoring options may be considered for the Escalade sport/utility vehicle, Dow Jones said.