Situated on more than 20 acres just outside of Boston, Quincy Auto Auction considers itself ideally positioned for growth. “We have storage capacity for close to 3,000 vehicles and we’re just 15 minutes from Logan Airport and 30 minutes from TF Green,” says Mike Cooley, GM.

To attract national accounts, six months ago, Quincy employees began using the AutoIMS system. Cooley reports that Quincy’s AutoIMS clients credit the automated processes with decreasing days to sell. “It’s much easier to have everything online for clients to see their history, view CRs, and review maintenance and repairs,” he says, adding that his staff saves time and has fewer errors using LiveCRwriter.

“AutoIMS makes it easier to track vehicles. Instead of trying to track pieces of paper, we can watch vehicles move through the transportation chain and we know exactly when they arrive,” says Cooley.

According to Cooley, clients respond more quickly to repair authorizations and floor-pricing requests sent via AutoIMS.