Wright Express has launched the new Wright Express Service Network, a move that increases the number of locations and the range of automotive maintenance and repair services available to its Universal Card fleet customers. As part of the launch, Wright Express gained acceptance with several nationwide service providers including Sears, NTB and Goodyear, effectively adding thousands of automotive service locations to the list of those who accept the Wright Express Universal Card. The company plans to continue adding service providers to the network. With the new service network program, Wright Express is committed to bringing the same leadership it has established with purchases at fueling locations to purchases at service and maintenance vendors, providing fleets with unmatched acceptance and choice for all their maintenance and repairs. said Michael Dubyak, president of Wright Express. With the rapidly increasing number of accepting locations, the Wright Express Universal Card now offers a one-card solution that provides fleets an easy way to manage both fuel and service. By using the Wright Express Universal Fleet Card for all automotive service needs, obtaining services and tracking related expenses will be as easy as purchasing and tracking fuel. One card can handle all purchases and all reporting will be in one place.