SGS Automotive Services announced on August 14 that it has implemented a new Customer Service Center in Cincinnati for appointment scheduling and customer service that is speeding the process of readying off-lease and other vehicles for resale through the Internet. The center, which has been under organization and refinement during the past year, is headed by Terry Mollica, a veteran of customer service center management with 13 years of experience. Many services previously managed by five SGS regional service offices have been consolidated in the Customer Service Center. Key features of the SGS Customer Service Center include:  A portfolio of reports that allows customers to see the status of every inspection currently in process online and in real time.  Software capabilities that allow an SGS representative to take over a customer’s browser and walk them through reporting online.  Productivity reports and measures on all customer Service Center employees, including their ability to schedule appointments efficiently.  Online scheduling of inspector appoointments and electronic communications with inspectors through hand-held inspection devices.  Customer care teams organized by client that are responsible for monitoring and nanaging each customer’s inspection needs.