ADESA Charlotte won the 2002 "World Class Auction of the Year" award, presented by World Omni Financial Corp./CenterOne Financial Services ("World Omni/CenterOne"). The award is based on several factors, including volume sold, guide book performance, volume of certified cars per sale, volume of Internet cars, daily operational success, and the efficiency and accuracy of transportation and condition reports.

The award was presented to ADESA Charlotte GM Jane Morgan by Jay Hinchman, Director of Remarketing for World Omni/CenterOne on August 14. In 2002, ADESA Charlotte was one of the top-three volume sellers for World Omni/CenterOne, using Internet-based technology and live physical sales.

The awards ADESA has received from WOrld Omni/CenterOne strongly reflect the highest quality of detail and attention given to our account and the work ethic behind it," said Hinchman, noting that ADESA Charlotte has also received World Omni's 2000 and 2001 "World Class Cyberlot Auction of the Year" award.