AFLA announced that Bill Elliott, the Association’s executive director, will depart from the organization on June 1, 2020. Elizabeth Schlicht, who has recently served as the associate executive director, will serve as AFLA’s new executive director.

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“To say that I was green when I was elected to AFLA’s Executive Board five years ago would be an understatement,” said AFLA President Katie Keeton. “Looking back, I’m forever grateful to Bill Elliott for his guidance and I truly admire the passion he has for association management. Bill’s role as AFLA’s executive director has certainly left a mark on the association and we are stronger than ever because of it. I have no doubt that these big shoes will be appropriately filled by Elizabeth Schlicht whom I look forward to working with. Nonetheless, Bill will surely be missed.”  

Schlicht was appointed as AFLA’s new executive director after working with the organization for more than six years.

“Returning to AFLA is a wonderful opportunity and I’m excited to roll up my sleeves, partnering with the board as we move forward with the organization’s strategic plan for the future,” said Schlicht. “AFLA’s loyal and dedicated members, sponsors and volunteers are what drives the association, creating a forum for the corporate fleet community to learn by connecting as an industry and forming partnerships. Enhancing engagement among our members and sponsors will be a key priority in the evolution of AFLA as we move forward.”

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Elliott is exiting the Association to become the president and CEO of the Wisconsin Hotel & Lodging Association.

“AFLA is an incredible organization, and I will always hold a special place in my heart for the corporate fleet industry,” said Elliott. “I’m incredibly proud of the success that we have had over the past eight or so years. AFLA has an incredibly professional and dedicated board of directors who understand the importance of strategic leadership and organizational evolution, and I’m certain that AFLA is well positioned to succeed as the leading corporate fleet and mobility association well into the future.”

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