Six Manheim auctions won awards as part of “The One Award” competition presented by Bank One at the company’s recent annual dinner and award presentation in Phoenix. Bank One presented national and regional awards for the competition, which ran from August 2002 through January 2003. Manheim’s award winning auctions were:
  • Manheim’s Riverside Auto Auction (Riverside, CA); Best Performance – Highline – National
  • Manheim’s Greater Tampa Bay Auto Auction (Tampa, FL); Best Performance – Lease Returns – Southeastern Region
  • Manheim’s Minneapolis Auto Auction (Minneapolis); Best Performance – Lease Returns – Central Region
  • Manheim’s Minneapolis Auto Auction; Best Performance – Repossessions – Central Region
  • Manheim’s Central Florida Auto Auction (Orlando, FL); Best Performance – Repossessions – Southeastern Region
  • Manheim’s Greater Nevada Auto Auction (Las Vegas); Best Performance – Repossessions – Western Region