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Editor's Note: This survey is now closed. To take future surveys and see past results, visit our COVID-19 Data Center.

Automotive Fleet has closely covered how COVID-19 has impacted the fleet industry, and continues to produce content that seeks to help fleet managers struggling through the pandemic.

But to have a better understanding of what fleet professionals are going through we need your help, and so we’re initiating a new series of surveys that are designed to take the pulse of the industry. 

This first survey seeks to explore topics about how coronavirus has impacted fleet in myriad ways, including the effect its had on acquisition trends, fleet policy, sanitation practices, and more.

You can contribute to this effort by answering our short survey. In addition, if you're willing to discuss your answers in more detail with one of our editors, there will be an opportunity to share your contact information at the end of the survey.

Otherwise, the survey will be confidential, and your answers will be grouped with the others responding before being summarized and shared with our readers.

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