Azuga will offer contractor solutions provider, Service Roundtable, with its suite of fleet management and GPS tracking capabilities to support contractors, electricians, and those in service and repair industries.

With safety at the core of the business, Azuga offers driver behavior modification through driver scorecards, in-cab buzzers, dual-facing dashcam, and coaching.

 “The symmetry between Azuga and Service Roundtable’s goal to put contractors first and remove operational roadblocks, while improving safety, is both refreshing and rewarding,” said eDriving CEO Ananth Rani.

As a preferred partner, members can expect to:

  • Track vehicles in real time
  • Limit distractions and reward driver excellence
  • Optimize fleet management by streamline dispatching and simplifying timecards
  • Measure mileage and vehicle utilization
  • Monitor driver performance, including hard braking, speeding and rapid acceleration
  • Protect the business and employees with a dual-facing dashcam
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