The state of North Carolina monitors the usage of the 8,500 passenger vehicles in its fleet in part via an 800 number that people can call to report misuse or negligent driving, according to a report by WRAL 5 News. John Massey, director of the state motor fleet, told WRAL that North Carolina residents call the number daily to report misuse. Massey said the complaints often involve personal use of vehicles. "Using the vehicle to drop kids off at school. Using the vehicle to stop by the ABC store," he told the station. "If it's not official state business, you're treading on thin ice." Other complaints received last year included a state employee whose driving privileges were revoked after getting caught in an intimate act in a state-owned van, and a college professor who was spotted driving a state vehicle with two surfboards on the roof while on a on a “business trip” to Myrtle Beach, SC.