Brenntag North America has renewed its contract with SmartDrive Systems, the company announced.

Brenntag’s decision to renew a multi-year contract with SmartDrive is aligned with the company’s aim to set industry safety standards and strive for zero accidents and incidents worldwide, SmartDrive added.

Brenntag has more than 180 distribution locations and a nearly 1,500-vehicle fleet.

"We began to see results immediately after partnering with SmartDrive. Not only did our drivers change their habits by driving more carefully, but we witnessed a cultural shift throughout the company," said Matt Fridley, corporate manager of safety, health and security at Brenntag. "In all aspects of their work, employees throughout the company became safer. We attribute 100% of this companywide impact to SmartDrive."

Over the years, SmartDrive has helped Brenntag increase proper seatbelt use by 75%, reduce use of mobile devices while driving by 50%, decrease instances of unsafe following distances by 83%, improve SmartDrive Safety Score upward of 73% in regional companies.

Brenntag first deployed the SmartDrive program into its fleet in 2014. Brenntag fleet managers needed the company’s video-based safety system due to the hazardous nature of Brenntag’s cargo.

Since then, Brenntag has recorded steady improvements across several leading safety indicators. According to SmartDrive, Brenntag driers have come to rely on SmartDrive’s feedback and video capture that they refuse to drive a vehicle not equipped with the SmartDrive platform.  

"Throughout the course of our collaboration, Brenntag has experienced remarkable improvements to its bottom line and, most importantly, the safety of its employees," said Steve Mitgang, CEO at SmartDrive. "Building and expanding on success to date, we are excited to continue driving measurable safety and operational gains across all divisions of Brenntag North America."

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