Suntech's CEO Robert Martin has declared that "3G is dead."

Suntech's CEO Robert Martin has declared that "3G is dead."

Photo courtesy of Suntech.

Suntech has expanded its line of asset trackers to add solar charging, humidity and light sensors, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy capability, and an internet of things solution with a seven-year battery.

While unveiling the products at Mobile World Congress Americas 2019 in Los Angeles, Suntech's CEO Robert Martin declared that "3G is dead. Make sure your solution is not. Providers must start planning their transition now."

Suntech's updated Cat-M1 hardware provides more secure coverage, a signal that can penetrate basements and garages, a low power draw to increase battery life, and increased range and reliability, according to the company.

Suntech has sold more than 3 million IoT devices and is now selling about 1 million per year. The company strictly focuses on telematics hardware and doesn't offer a cloud-based software solution.

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