MiX Telematics provides fleet management solutions for all fleet sizes.  
 -  Photo courtesy of MiX Telematics.

MiX Telematics provides fleet management solutions for all fleet sizes. 

Photo courtesy of MiX Telematics.

In advance of Global Fleet Conference, we sat down with one of the event sponsors - Adam Bruttell, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, North America for MiX Telematics - to talk about some of the tough telematics issues fleet managers are facing today, including ELD compliance.

Global Fleet Conference: What is the top concern you’re hearing from fleet managers right now with respect to telematics?

Adam Bruttell: There are two. For fleets that have been grandfathered in on the ELD Mandate, their top concern is, "How can I make sure my fleet is compliant by December?" For fleets that are already compliant, their top concern is being able to leverage the data they are already collecting to improve safety and efficiency. These companies have invested a lot of money in their ELD solutions and they are looking for a payoff.

GFC: What kinds of data are you seeing fleets collect with their ELDs?

AB: Safety is typically their top priority, so we see almost every fleet collecting driver behavior data such as location, speed, and incidents like harsh braking that could indicate tailgating. Hours of Service also plays into this, because tired drivers are not the safest drivers. The second big category is efficiency metrics – these might include excessive idling, preventive maintenance issues and route efficiency. The key is not just to collect the data, but to leverage it to improve operations. That’s how fleets achieve ROI on their ELD investments.

GFC: Can you provide an example of how fleets might leverage their ELD data?

AB: Sure – the most common way is to improve driver safety. Fleets are already collecting driver behavior data on their ELDs. They can then create driver safety scorecards in their ELD software that rank or rate drivers according to how safe their driving is. Often these are called RAG reports, for the Red, Amber and Green scores given to drivers. Drivers that receive anything other than a Green light can be selected for coaching, where managers provide them with tips and techniques to be safer drivers. The objective is to have every driver in that Green zone over time. ELD data enables that process.

GFC: How does MiX Telematics help with all of this?

AB: We provide fleet management solutions for all fleet sizes, from small businesses that just need to track assets all the way up to enterprise solutions for enormous fleets with thousands of vehicles that need ELD compliance. MiX is known for its strong focus on safety, efficiency and compliance – we were one of the first to market with electronic logging over a decade ago, long before it was required, and that’s when we began working with forward-thinking fleets that wanted to make technology and data a competitive advantage. MiX has more than 736,000 subscribers in over 120 countries, including the U.S., and we have deep experience with ELD. I think one of the factors that really sets MiX apart is our Service for Life approach – instead of just shipping off some hardware and saying, "Good luck," MiX stands by its customers for the life of the contract, proactively ensuring they are getting the most out of our solutions on an ongoing basis. It’s a different way of doing business and most of our U.S. customers say it’s the main reason they went with MiX.

GFC: Thanks, Adam – we look forward to hosting you at Global Fleet Conference in June.

AB: Thank you! We’re excited to connect with fleets at the event. Anyone who wants to learn more during the conference can reach out to me in advance at [email protected].

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