is offering a fleet maintenance and repair guide. is offering a fleet maintenance and repair guide.

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A new fleet maintenance resource that covers frequently searched vehicle maintenance and repair topics is available for download and free of charge from, one of the largest online GM parts dealers.

The six-page reference guide is applicable to most passenger vehicles and is packed with useful information—from the most common OBD II trouble codes to a handy replacement part schedule.

Keeping commercial vehicles in tip-top shape can extend their lifetime and save your organization money. Moreover, well-maintained vehicles mean fewer problems that can leave your drivers stranded on the roadside, which translates into safer, happier drivers.

The new resource includes overviews and instructions on a wide array of maintenance and repair issues including how to spot potential engine trouble early, the top 10 tools to have on hand, how to recognize when more than an oil change is needed, and everything you need to know about tire numbers.

The guide even includes a quick and easy VIN decoder, which helps expedite ordering the correct replacement parts.

Download the free fleet maintenance resource.

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