eNow's new, solar-based trailer refrigeration unit will displayed at the ACT Conference in Long...

eNow's new, solar-based trailer refrigeration unit will displayed at the ACT Conference in Long Beach, CA, through May 3rd. Photo: eNow

ENow, a company that specializes in developing solar energy applications for the trucking industry, has unveiled a new, all-electric, solar-based refrigeration system on a 53-foot tractor-trailer. A demonstration model of the new trailer design is on display at ACT Expo 2018 (Advanced Clean Transportation) in Long Beach, California. According to details provided by the company, its new “reefer trailer” integrates a proprietary, advanced solar technology, battery storage, and patented electronic control system.

ENow last summer tested such a zero-emission transport refrigeration unit on a commercial truck in San Joaquin Valley, California. According to the company, the unit achieved emission reductions of 98% nitrous oxide, 86% carbon dioxide, and 97% particulate matter over a five-month test period, compared to traditional, diesel-powered TRUs.

Additional testing showed the eNow TRU functioned as well as a diesel reefer unit, and was projected to reduce operating costs by up to 90% thanks to lower fuel and maintenance costs, according to Tom Ditto, vice president of Challenge Dairy, a fleet that helped eNow evaluate the new system.

“This is a defining moment in clean transportation and a huge technological hurdle,” said Jeff Flath, president & CEO of eNow. “Over the last six years, we have demonstrated that our solar systems are powerful, reliable, and highly cost-effective – providing emissions-free energy for thousands of trucks across the country. With our new 100% electric reefer trailer, the food industry – with its more than 500,000 refrigerated vehicles – can realize the same economic and environmental benefits.”

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