Photo via Pxhere.

Photo via Pxhere.

Transportation-related incidents ranked as the most common fatal event for workers in the U.S. in 2016, accounting for 2,083 deaths according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That number marks a slight increase over the 2,054 fatalities in 2015.

While the numbers reflect all workers, clearly certain populations — such as fleet drivers — are more prone to motor vehicle injuries and death on the job.

Every seven seconds someone is injured in a car crash and every 15 minutes, someone is killed, according to the National Safety Council. Many of these accidents occur on the job.

In recognition of Workers’ Memorial Day on April 28, the council is drawing attention to this critical safety concern for U.S. employees. The council urges employers and fleet managers to download its free Safe Driving Kit and help end roadway fatalities.

The council's Safe Driving Kit, which is sponsored by Wheels, Inc., includes a cross-section of safe driving resources and communication tools to educate employees. The kit provides policies and educational materials that address the top factors in fatal crashes including distraction, alcohol, drugs and fatigue.

Kit elements range from videos, fact sheets and FAQs to infographics, posters, survivor advocate stories and more. 

Fleet managers seeking to support policies and education that influence safer driving behaviors, can download the free Safe Driving Kit here.

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