<p>Green Motion's 'Drive &amp; Go' service debuted at the 2018 International Car Retnal Show. The tech allows customers to use their phone to unlock their rental vehicle. <em>Photo courtesy of Green Motion.&nbsp;</em></p>

Global car rental company Green Motion used the International Car Rental Show in Las Vegas to launch and showcase its latest innovation, the new Green Motion 'Drive & Go' service.

The service allows customers who have booked through the Green Motion app to use their phone as a key and bypassing the counter completely.

Green Motion's new Drive & Go service is fully integrated into its app, and once customers have pre-registered their information, they are able to select the Straight to Car service. Upon arrival at their destination, the app advises customers of the location of the vehicle and allows them to open the vehicle with one press on the app.

Following a vehicle inspection (self-check), the customer can then disarm the immobiliser and simply "drive and go." The procedure is repeated when returning the vehicle, where customers are requested to do a self check-in process. Upon completion, they can close the reservation and lock the car. 

"We have invested heavily in this concept and I'm really pleased with the reaction that we've received from delegates that are here at the International Car Rental Show," Chay Lowden, Green Motion's sales and technology director said.

Green Motion is the first rental company in the world to fully deliver a true frictionless Straight to Car product and the company will start rolling out the Drive & Go program to its global network in August. 

Originally posted on Auto Rental News