The corporate parent of toll management fleet services provider American Traffic Solutions (ATS) has acquired a Miami-based toll collection company and a European traffic fee company, according to a release.

Los Angeles-based Platinum Equity acquired Highway Toll Administration LLC (HTA) in early March from David and Leila Centner. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed in the March 1 announcement.

The company will be folded into ATS, which was itself acquired by the private equity firm in June of 2017.

David Centner founded HTA in 2002 to help commercial and rental fleets manage tolls. The company has been offering TollKeeper, an electronic toll collection platform, as well as a transponder- or license-plate based video tolling solution.

Platinum Equity has also acquired United Kingdom-based Euro Parking Collection plc, which specializes in the identification, notification and collection of unpaid traffic and public transport related fees, charges and penalties issued to foreign registered vehicles or rental vehicles with foreign or non-resident hirers (FRV) across Europe.

Financial terms of this transaction were also not disclosed in the April 9 release.

ATS manages more than 4,000 red-light and other safety cameras in the U.S. and Canada.